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Example of Zooming in ASP.NET Core Gantt Control

This sample visualizes the various phases involved in the manufacturing process of a product, which transforms from a conceptual model to a sellable product.


The sample demonstrates the zooming support in Gantt chart. You can zoom in or zoom out the project timeline dynamically with following toolbar buttons.

  • ZoomIn - To perform zoom in action on Gantt timeline.
  • ZoomOut - To perform zoom out action on Gantt timeline.
  • ZoomToFit - To show all tasks with timeline fit into available chart width.

  • The zooming feature enables you to view the tasks in the project clearly from minute to year timespan. You need to include ZoomIn, ZoomOut and ZoomToFit buttons in the toolbar for performing zooming actions in Gantt chart.
  • ZoomIn - If the user clicks on the ZoomIn icon, the timeline cell width will be increased. When the cell size exceeds the specified range, then it will be changed to the timeline view mode.
  • ZoomOut - If the user clicks on the ZoomOut icon, the timeline cell width will be decreased. When the cell size falls behind the specified range, then it will be changed to the timeline view mode based on the zooming levels.
  • ZoomToFit - In project, if the tasks are rendered in different time ranges, when the user clicks on the ZoomToFit icon, then all the tasks will be rendered within the current viewable chart container width.
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