Example of Import Export DataTable in ASP.NET Core Excel (XlsIO) Library

This sample demonstrates exporting data from Excel to a data table, and import data from the data table to the Grid.

Click the "Input Template" button to view the input Excel document.

Click the "Import from Excel" button to import data from Excel and view the data in the grid. Here, the data will be exported to a data table with customized options and imported to the grid.

Click the "Export to Excel" button to create a new Microsoft Excel document and export the data from the grid to an Excel workbook.

Note: You need to have a MS Excel Viewer installed in order to view the generated Excel file.

Import Options :

Export As :

The ImportDataTable and ExportDataTable methods makes it easier to work with ADO.NET data tables. It just takes one line of code to import data from data table to a Spreadsheet or export data from Spreadsheet to a data table.

Features :
  • Usage of helper methods to work with ADO.NET
  • Import data from Spreadsheet to a data table
  • Export data from data table to Spreadsheet
  • Apply row and column styles
  • Export data from Spreadsheet to a data table by skipping specific rows, replacing cell values in the data table, and stop exporting

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