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Example of Smart Labels in ASP.NET Core Chart Control

Labels in an axis can be placed smartly when it intersects with each other. Intersect action and edge label placement can be changed by using property panel.


In this example, you can see how to arrange the axis labels smartly. When the Axis labels overlap with each other based on the chart dimensions and label size, you can use the labelIntersectAction property of the axis to avoid overlapping.

Chart supports the following by which can be set using labelIntersectAction property.

  • Hide - Hide the label when it intersect.
  • Trim - Trim the label when it intersect.
  • Wrap - Wrap the label when it intersect.
  • MultipleRows - Arrange the label in multiple row when it intersect.
  • Rotate45 - Rotate the label to 45 degree when it intersect.
  • Rotate90 - Rotate the label to 90 degree when it intersect.
  • None - Shows all the labels.

Chart supports three types of edge labels placement which can be set using edgeLabelPlacement property.

  • None - No action will be performed.
  • Hide - Edge label will be hidden .
  • Shift - Shifts the edge labels.

More information on the smart axis labels can be found in this   documentation section.