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Example of Range Color Mapping in ASP.NET Core Chart Control

This sample illustrates the USA climate with the month-wise data. Columns are differentiated using color codes based on the temperature ranges for better visualization. By toggling the legend items you can control the visibility of the columns within the ranges.


In this example, you can see how to render and configure the column type charts. Column type charts are used for comparing the frequency, count, total or average of data in different categories. Column segment color is applied based on their y value ranges by using e-chart-rangecolorsettings.

e-chart-rangecolorsettings properties are,

label - Specify the name for the range mapping which will be displayed in the legend item.

start - Specify the start value of the color mapping range.

end - Specify the end value of the color mapping range.

colors - Specify the fill colors of point those lies on the given range, if multiple colors mentioned, then gradient will be applied.

Tooltip is enabled in this example, to see the tooltip in action, hover a point or tap on a point in touch enabled devices.