Example of Default Functionalities in ASP.NET Core AppBar Control

This sample demonstrates the default functionalities of the ASP.NET Core AppBar component.

Simple AppBar
EJ2 AppBar

EJ2 AppBar Component with Prominent mode

EJ2 AppBar

The ASP.NET Core AppBar is a navigation component that displays information and actions related to the current view horizontally.

In this demo, the available types of ASP.NET Core AppBar are showcased. They are regular, prominent, and dense, and can be set using the Mode property.

Regular - The AppBar is displayed with the default height.

Prominent - Prominent top app bars are longer than regular, and can be used for larger titles, images, or texts.

Dense - The AppBar's layout is denser to accommodate all the AppBar content.

In this demo, Button component's styles are inherited from the AppBar component using the e-inherit CSS class.

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