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Syncfusion Angular UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

January 31, 2022


  • I348553 - Resolved GroupCaptionTemplate not working in production deply with Angular 7.


  • Issue with Checkbox value not being posted in form has been resolved.


  • #SF-363151 - The MultiplePage property is working now.
  • #F171509 - The getDiagramContent() method is working now.
  • #F171398 - Resolved issue while performing save and load in the diagram.
  • #SF-360354 - Symbol is dropped properly in the chrome android.
  • #SF-358407 - NodeTemplate is rendered properly in React.
  • #SF-358519 - SendToBack is working properly when re-adding shapes on diagram.
  • #F170870 - Ports are flipped now, while flipping Node to Horizontal or Vertical.
  • #F170870 - Provide support to prevent label flipping while flipping the node horizontally or vertically
  • #F171088 - Multiple selection tool is working now.
  • #SF-353924 - Drag and drop element from tree-view to Diagram behaves correctly now.
  • #SF-333944 - Resolved issue while performing sendBackward with the native node.
  • #SF-358147 - Labels are updated properly after loading the saved JSON.
  • #SF-362356 - Horizontal scrolling is working properly with trackpad.
  • #SF-362356 - Pinch zoom is working properly with trackpad in i-Mac.
  • #SF-357916 - Bezier Connector target decorator is rendered properly at initial rendering.

Document Editor

  • #SF-355895 - Resolved the stacked column rendering issue.
  • #SF-359392 - Resolved the pie chart color rendering issue.
  • #F171212 - Resolved the section format copy/paste issue.
  • #SF-359809 - Table formatting is not applied properly.
  • #SF-359914 - Resolved the nested table height issue.
  • #SF-362938 - Resolved the spell check shows error for correct word after backspace/delete.
  • #SF-358997 - Resolved the script error in selection when first page of the document filled with shape with image and wrapping style.
  • #SF-361108 - Resolved the script error in the copy/paste.
  • #FB29987 - Resolved the table layouting issue in conversion from HTML to Document.
  • #SF-362365 - Resolved the modifying level in drop down.
  • #SF-363485 - Resolved the preferred width type mismatch in server-side SFDT to Docx conversion.
  • #F171941 - Resolved the insert page break in optimized spell check mode.
  • #SF-359775 - Column Clustered is not rendered properly.
  • #SF-359392 - Resolved the default chart color applied to pie chart.
  • #SF-359223 - Resolved the backspace issue in track changes.
  • #SF-356022 - Resolved the wrong comma placing in Hebrew language.
  • #SF-359056 - Resolved document hanging issue opening hebrew document.
  • #F169863, #SF-354348 - Resolved the server-side exporting issue in SFDT to Docx.
  • #SF-359780 - Resolved the layout issue in word 2013 justification for list applied text.
  • #SF-356294 - Resolved the extra space adding while copying and pasting text with bookmarks.
  • #SF-356242 - Resolved the style issue for the newly added rows & columns in the table.
  • #SF-358936 - Resolved the HTML Element ContentEditable property issue in DocumentEditor.
  • #SF-357051 - Resolved the element alignment issue due to page break.
  • #SF-355713 - Resolved the script error in applying restrict editing in DocumentEditorContainer.
  • #SF-354207 - Resolved the atleast line spacing type line height issue.
  • #SF-354215 - Resolved the floating elements positioning issue after update form fields.
  • #SF-357939 - Resolved the footer overlapping issue after pasting large content.
  • #SF-354644 - Resolved the overlapping issue for image with top and bottom wrapping style in header.
  • #SF-358814 - Document with applied list format is exported properly.
  • #F171012 - Resolved the script error in applying the list format to character style applied text.
  • #SF-358474 - Resolved the header/footer tooltip and toolbar item text wrap issue when localized.
  • #SF-358523 - Resolved the status bar and font family style issue when localized.
  • #SF-356958 - Resolved the misalignment after list applying.
  • #SF-355425 - Resolved the auto fit table with preferred with type ‘Point’ is now layouted properly.
  • #SF-359606 - Resolved the default tab width calculation with tab stop.
  • #SF-355860 - Resolved the tab element layout issue in footer.
  • #SF-359156 - Resolved the cropped image issue rendering in header/footer.
  • #SF-354038 - Resolved the performance issue in inserting table more rows.
  • #SF-354463 - Resolved the crashing issue in splitting rows in rendering table.
  • #SF-353961 - Resolved the performance issue in editing document with merge field.
  • #SF-355429 - Resolved selection issue for the shape with in front of text wrapping.
  • #SF-360442 - Resolved the spell check suggestion replace issue in localized document editor.
  • #F171032 - Resolved the empty line adding in text exporting.
  • #F171461 - Resolved the content control preservation issue in exporting.
  • #I347750 - Resolved the hanging issue when pasting large non-formatted content.
  • #I349289, #I349128 - Resolved the endnote shifting and overlapping issue.
  • #F171307 - Resolved the track changes issue in editing paragraph inside table.
  • #SF-356951, #F170963, #SF-351886, #SF-359815, #SF-359312 - Resolved the merged cell width rendering issue.
  • #I347523 - Resolved the invalid SFDT generation after pasting formatted content.
  • #SF-357703 - Resolved the table row splitting issue.
  • #SF-354038 - Added API to restrict the maximum number of rows in insert table dialog(DocumentEditorSettings.maximumRows)
  • #SF-348990 - Added screen tip support for hyperlink.


  • F159354 - Issue in locale text of predecessor tooltip has been fixed.


  • #I330291 - Issue with Duplicate items not removed properly using remove items method has been resolved.


  • #I363761 - Script error will no longer be thrown when the display CSS property for the div element of the Maps control is set to “none”.

PDF Viewer

  • #SF-360536- Now, you can copy the text correctly from the provided PDF document.
  • #SF-360961- The script error will no longer occur while importing the exported XFDF file.
  • #SF-359534- The form field’s position is correct for all the zoom factors.
  • #299110, #348963 - Now, the font size is updated properly while exporting and importing shape annotations.
  • #SF-357108 - Now, the annotations are displayed properly for the rotated documents.
  • #SF-357489 - Now, you can restrict the unnecessary thumbnail requests.
  • #SF-358006- You can place the overlapped stamp annotations at the exact position in the saved PDF document.
  • #SF-357273- Exception thrown while loading the provided PDF document due to an invalid key is now resolved.
  • #SF-357655- The PDF pages are now exported to the image in a multi-threaded environment.
  • #SF-357060- Now, the typed handwritten signature content does not exceed the text area.
  • #SF-359772,#SF-359880- Now, the form fields are editable on the mobile device.
  • #SF-359042- The free text annotations are downloaded properly without hiding any last character.
  • #SF-358308- Spinners are hidden properly while removing the display as none for the spinner.
  • #SF-360035- The Script error will no longer be thrown when using the editAnnotation method in the mobile mode.
  • #SF-358584- Stamps are saved properly in the rotated PDF document.
  • #SF-361099- Now, the annotationSelect event is triggered properly for the free text annotation.
  • #SF-360547- The form field collections are updated properly on the formFieldAdd event while adding the form fields on a PDF page.
  • #SF-358331- Now, the existing annotation and newly added ink annotations are the same.
  • #SF-357672- The SVG file size with sticky annotations is reduced.
  • #SF-357909- The script error will no longer occur while disabling the enableCommentPanel in the mobile mode.
  • #SF-357621- Now, the annotationUnSelect event is not fired while adding stamp annotations.
  • #SF-357659- Now, the annotationAdd event is fired properly on the mobile device when adding the stamp annotation.
  • #SF-357216- The default Stamp annotation is selected only when clicking on the stamp annotations.
  • #SF-357223- Now, the form field elements are editable only in the designer mode.
  • #348951- Exception resolved when editing the properties of shape annotation and importing the same.
  • #SF-354543- The checkbox input is working properly on the iPad.
  • #SF-355798- Memory consumption has been resolved when extracting the text for the given document.
  • #SF-356096- Free text annotation is locked properly after importing the locked annotation.


  • Script error thrown when we open fields option and click outside has been resolved.


  • SF-361363 - Autofill does not hide when selection is in hidden range after undo & redo on filtered rows issue has been fixed.
  • SF-355507 - Copy indicator height when copy and pasting a wrap cell issue has been fixed.
  • SF-361367 - Script error while pasting large range data on data validation applied cell in editing mode issue has been fixed.
  • SF-361580 - Provided cancel argument in action begin event for cell delete and autofill.
  • SF-360962 - Toolbar item not disable with protect sheet issue and edit alert dialog customization support provided.
  • SF-358321 - Triggered beforeCellUpdate event before updating the properties of the cell model while doing actions like editing, copy / paste and data validation, etc. Using this event, you can prevent the particular action.