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Syncfusion Angular UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

November 5, 2020



  • #295143 - Scrollbar zoomFactor and zoomPosition related issue has been fixed.
  • #293312 - Waterfall series not working properly for 0 values issue has been fixed.
  • #296989 - PageX and PageY arguments are not available in pie pointClick event issue fixed.
  • #278146 - Scrollbar is not working properly for live data issue has been fixed.
  • #292251, 291578, 292855 - Chart axis label tooltip is getting cropped issue has been fixed.


  • #297888 - This issue “Target decorator is not connected properly to the node” has been fixed.
  • #298962 - This issue “HTML template node take more time to render in Blazor” has been fixed.
  • #F159087 - This issue “When Drag and drop the node from palette exception throws” has been fixed.
  • #292439 - The issue “Exception occurs when try to draw connector on node text edit” has been fixed.
  • #294302 - The issue with “Node overlapping issue in hierarchical tree layout” has been fixed.
  • #292214 - The issue “Mouse cursor does not place on a node” has been fixed
  • #294515 - This issue “When zoom out the diagram ruler value not update properly” has been fixed.
  • #294604 - This issue “Vertical Scroll bar appears while scroll the diagram” has been fixed.
  • #296511, #296304 - The issue “Nodes are not added properly to the newly added lane” has been fixed.
  • #285393 - Line distribution functionality has been added.
  • Support added to arrange the child nodes in linear way.

Document Editor

  • #296222 - Resolved table rendering issue when table contains merged cell.
  • #297479 - Field result text with multiple lines are now inserted properly when track changes enabled.
  • #296863 - Resolved script error when field code contains table.
  • #281339 - Resolved paragraph renders outside the page in RTL format document issue.
  • Resolved script error Navigating to the specified bookmark.
  • #296222 - Resolved exporting issue when exporting document with shape.
  • #294306 - Resolved page number update issue when page contains page field.
  • #295176 - Ctrl + V now works properly in Edge.
  • #296782, #296781 - Resolved issue on cursor visibility when cursor is in editable region.
  • #293369 - Document with merged cell is now exported properly.
  • #294261 - Accepting or rejecting changes were now preserved in restrict editing.
  • #292726 - Row header was now repeated properly for each page.
  • #281339 - Numbered list in the RTL was now rendered properly.
  • #295753 - Sections with restart page number now updated properly.
  • #293980 - Skipped form field insertion in header and footer similar to MS Word.
  • #294075,#293472 - Resolved table border rendering issue.
  • #291766 - Resolved file picker not opening issue in IE.
  • #296842 - Resolved issue on selecting a merge field.
  • #292515 - Polish characters are now working properly in IE.
  • #291766 - Resolved script error on loading a document with text wrapped image.
  • #292515 - Resolved toolbar rendering issue in IE.
  • #289186,#293172 - Text box with none style is now exported properly.
  • #291766 - Resolved issue on table rendering black.
  • #293342,#295176 - Ctrl + V now works properly in IE.
  • #281067, #279595 - Added partial lock and edit support.


  • #295381 - Issue on exporting Gantt with partial data has been fixed.
  • #299370 - Issue on restricting dragging action when read only property set to true.
  • F159153 - Issue in localized text of dependency tab default value has been fixed.
  • F158903 - Issue while sorting after add task action has been fixed.
  • #292246 - Provided support to split the taskbar into multiple segments through context menu and dialog edit.
  • #282972, #293345 - Provided support to render predecessor and rows properly in different zooming levels and display scaling size.


  • #158808 - allowKeyboard property issue has been resolved.
  • #292035 - Resolved Touch functionality is not working with draggable.
  • #298662 - Grid drag and drop issue has been fixed in IE11 browser.
  • #10632 - provided the custom text support in pager instance.
  • #159184 - Script error throws while exporting grid component with aggregates issue has been fixed.


  • #285386 - edgeLabelPlacement property is exposed to handle the collision of first and last label with other axis labels.


  • #291708- Provided string and integer array support for data source property in ListBase.

Pivot Table

  • #295844 - Now the issue of filtering null values has been resolved.
  • #284032 - Provided drill up/down support to attribute hierarchy members in OLAP data source.
  • #295338 - Introduced an event that will fire when you click the multi-level labels of pivot chart.


  • #299063 - Provided support to remove the items in split button using item id.



#I295003 - Column header misalignment during scrolling when the spreadsheet contains merge cell issue has been fixed. #I299237 - Keyboard shortcut for clipboard is not working on macOS issue has been fixed. #I292451 - Cell misalignment during scrolling when it contains merged range issue has been fixed.


  • #F159016 - Expand / Collapse works properly, when we use template column as treecolumn
  • #299693 - Template in tree column works fine.


  • #295977 - Provided an option to identify the dragged node’s dropping position which is relative to the dropped node.
  • #F158142 - Now, the TreeView template node interaction is enabled.

Visual Studio Code Extensions

  • Syncfusion Web Template Studio: Provided project templates support with user interface to create Angular apps using Syncfusion Angular UI components.