Essential Studio for Angular Release Notes

June 23, 2020

Bug Fixes

-#278736 -Now, search action is performed properly while rendering multiple dropdown and selecting the value using keyboard.


Bug Fixes

  • #280070- Issue on pdf export date format mismatch in Gantt has been fixed.
  • #279234 - Console error while selecting the record issue gets resolved.
  • #281103- Taskbar not rendered properly while cancel the new child record by context menu action has been fixed.
  • #281247- Parent id is not updated on add a child record by context menu has been fixed.
  • #279689 - Issue in displaying values with boolean edit type was fixed.
  • #281102, #281154 - Events not triggered with correct request type in indent action has been fixed.
  • #281251 - Not continued to tab onto the next non-Gantt Chart element issue has been fixed.
  • #279689- Issue in updating start date with date time picker when custom columns are rendered has been fixed.
  • #280802 - Issue on maintaining parent Id value while adding records with empty data source gets fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #279922, #280077 - Scrollbar when clicking childgrid summary row, issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #278902 - Issue with “incorrect count displayed in the multiselect input field when selecting the multiple items” has been resolved.

-#F154635 - Issue with “floating label is not floated properly while rendering with filter and outline theme appearance” has been resolved.