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Annotation API in Angular PDF Viewer API component

The Annotation module is used to handle annotation actions of PDF viewer.



Method used to add annotations using program.

Parameter Type Description
annotationType AnnotationType It describes type of annotation object.
options (optional) FreeTextSettings | StickyNotesSettings | HighlightSettings | UnderlineSettings | LineSettings | StrikethroughSettings | RectangleSettings | CircleSettings | ArrowSettings | PolygonSettings | DistanceSettings | PerimeterSettings | AreaSettings | RadiusSettings | VolumeSettings | InkAnnotationSettings | StampSettings | CustomStampSettings It describes about the annotation objects and it’s property.
dynamicStampItem (optional) DynamicStampItem It describe which type of dynamic stamp.
signStampItem (optional) SignStampItem It describe which type of sign stamp.
standardBusinessStampItem (optional) StandardBusinessStampItem It describe which type of standard business stamp.

Returns void


Clear the annotation selection.

Returns void


Select the annotations using annotation object or annotation Id.

Parameter Type Description
annotationId string | object annptationId

Returns void


Set annotation type to be added in next user interaction in PDF Document.

Parameter Type Description
type AnnotationType type
dynamicStampItem (optional) DynamicStampItem dynamicStampItem
signStampItem (optional) SignStampItem signStampItem
standardBusinessStampItem (optional) StandardBusinessStampItem standardBusinessStampItem.

Returns void